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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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Director, Ward 2 —East Bay Regional Park DistrictNovember 8, 2016 —California General Election

Special District
November 8, 2016 —California General Election

East Bay Regional Park DistrictDirector, Ward 2

Election Results

  • 100% of precincts reporting (280/280).
  • 50,942 ballots counted.

About this office

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Retired Park Supervisor
73,056 votes (47.6%)Winning
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  • Manage Park District facilities in a more innovative and environmentally friendly manner.
  • Hold one of the two monthly Board meetings in the evening to accommodate the working public
  • Work to reduce the use of petroleum - or chemical-based herbicides and pesticides throughout the Park District by shifting to alternative methods, including natural and plant-based agents.
Profession:Retired Park Supervisor, Park Ranger and Fire Lieutenant
Chair, Alameda County Parks, Recreation, and Historical Commission — Appointed position (2013–current)
Park Supervisor Redwood Regional Park, East Bay Regional Park District (1996–2013)
Park Ranger/Firefighter, East Bay Regional Park District (1976–1996)
Co-convener (chair), California Alliance for Retired Americans (2013–current)
Vice President, Friends of Sausal Creek (2013–current)
Boardmember, Oakland Fire-Safe Council (2014–current)
Board Member/Treasurer , Regional Parks Association (2013–current)

I was born in Oakland to parents that came to the United States from the Philippines in search of opportunity and a better life. My father served in the US Army in World War II, and then worked as a cook at the Oakland Athletic Club and the Leamington Hotel. My mother raised eight children, sending us to school in Oakland, San Leandro, and Hayward. I attended Chabot Junior College and California State University, Hayward. Due to a family crisis, I had to leave CSU during my senior year and, as head of our household, I had to find a full-time job to support three younger siblings. In the summer of 1975, I got a temporary job as a Groundsperson with the East Bay Regional Park District. It turned into a permanent position in March 1976 and became a lifelong career until I retired in 2013.

I spent more than 37 years working for the Park District as a Park Ranger, a Park Supervisor, and a Fire Lieutenant. The last 17 years of my career I was the Park Supervisor at Redwood Regional Park, where the redwood forest became a part of me. I always saw my job as not simply maintaining the park, but healing the creeks, forests, and meadows – bringing things back to nature. This is the background and philosophy I want to bring to the Park District Board – the perspective of someone who worked hands-on, boots on the ground for the Park District my entire career. It was never just a job; it was my life.



  • Democratic Parties of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
  • Sierra Club
  • Alameda and Contra Costa Central Labor Councils, AFL_CIO
  • Congressman George Miller
  • Senator Loni Hancock
  • Assemblymember Rob Bonta
  • Assemblymember Tony Thurmond
  • Former Assemblymember Nancy Skinner
  • League of Conservation Voters
  • Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club
  • John George Democratic Club
  • Oakland Rising Action
  • LaMorinda Democratic Club
  • Greater Metropolitan Oakland Democratic Club
  • SEIU 1021
  • Rossmoor Democratic Club
  • The Green Party of Alameda County
  • Eleanor Dunn, Veterinarian
  • Judy Belcher, Former Oakland Parks and Recreation Commissioner
  • Wilma Chan-Alameda County Board of Supervisor
  • Wendy Tokuda-Local Broadcaster/Environmental restoration volunteer
  • Jerry Kent-Retired Assistant General Manager of Operations, EBRPD
  • Jim Ryugo-Retired Public Works Manager, City of Oakland
  • Martin Marterrese-retired Open-Space Manager, City of Oakland
  • Helen McKinley, Scientist, retired
  • Richelle Jacobs, Psychotherapist
  • Sue Duckles, Professor, retired
  • Dave Lindberg, Professor, Retired
  • Reginald Barrett, Professor
  • Craig Cheslog, Contra Costa Democratic Party, Central Committee
  • Norm Kidder, Naturalist, retired
  • Alan Kaplan, Naturalist, retired
  • Sue Piper, Wildfire Prevention Advocate
  • Janet Cobb, Wildlife Advocate
  • Carolyn Phinney, Contra Costa Democratic Party, Central Committee
  • Julina Bonilla Peralta Colleges Trustee Area 7
  • Andy Katz-EBMUD Director Ward 4
  • Marguerite Young-EBMUD Director Ward 3
  • Dennis Waespi-Director, EBRPD, Ward 3
  • Abel Guillen-Oakland City Councilmember, District 2

I consider myself a progressive Democrat. I believe in job and retirement security, protecting and expanding Social Security by "scrapping the cap". I believe that we should expand Medicare to all. I believe in fair and equitable wages and treatment for all. I believe in  fair elections, equal justice, separation of religion and state, and fair taxation-the rich and the corporations need to pay their fair share. I favor public education,  conservation of our resources, and maintaining a sustainable planet,  and negotiations over war. Do no harm and care for the young and the old.

Issues I Would Like to Address


My 37 year career with the East Bay Regional Park District was more than just a job; it became a way of life, healing the watershed, enhancing biodiversity, and introducing children and young adults to nature. I would like to see the Park District become not only the largest land owner in the East Bay, but a strong environmental leader and progressive community leader, enhancing the environment by maximizing educational opportunites and conserving natural resources.

I believe it is critical to make our parks accessible to all communities.

I want to make our parks safer for families, their pets, and wildlife. I would like to eliminate or reduce the use petro-chemical herbicides and pesticides in favor of a newer generation of botanical alternatives.

The Park District has isolated itself from the pubic by moving its headquarters far from the downtown area and holding all meetings during the daytime. I am advocating for holding one of two monthly Board meetings in the evening, in a place that is accessible by public tranist. 

I would like the Park District to do more outreach and find a way to mentor and develop young people of color, so they have opportunities for futures with good Union jobs with the Park District.  

I want to return the oversight of the Chief Financial Officer to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors and the public deserve an unbiased view of the Park District's finances.

Dog Policy in the East Bay Regional Parks


Dog policy in the East Bay Regional Parks

Dogs in the Parks

The East Bay Regional Park District remains one of the few public open space agencies in the nation that permits dogs off leash, under voice control, on hundreds of miles of trails.  However, dog owners must carry a six-foot leash at all times, and dogs must be on leash in parking lots, posted Resource Protection Areas, and developed areas such as picnic sites.

The Park District is charged with protecting park and trail access for all users and is, at the same time, responsible for protecting its natural resources, both wildlife and vegetation.

In Redwood Regional Park, dogs are required to be on leash for the three-mile length of the Resource Protection Area along Stream Trail to protect the riparian habitat of the indigenous rainbow trout, which are historically significant.  To protect the endangered Presidio Clarkia and the threatened California buckwheat, dogs are required to be on leash for one mile of trail in the Resource Protection Area in the Serpentine Prairie.  This also allows safe passage for equestrians, for whom the prairie is their only access to Dunn Trail.

Redwood Regional Park has 38 miles of trail, and on only 4 of those miles are dogs required to be on leash.  Compare that with the City of Oakland’s Joaquin Miller Park where dogs are required to be on leash on all trails at all times.  In response to the need for an off-leash area, the City of Oakland built a fenced-in dog park.

I’ve included a link to an article about the City of Oakland’s relaxed rules to allow on-leash dogs in some city parks.

I’ve also included a link to the Park District’s dog rules and safety tips.

City Park Director
45,753 votes (29.8%)
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  • Enhance youth educational programs and opportunities
  • Expand access to vulnerable communities
  • Ensure the District has the resources to maintain and protect park and employees assets.
Profession:Director of Parks and Recreation
Alameda County Parks, Recreation and Historical Commission, Alameda County Board of Supervisors — Appointed position (2008–current)
Board Member, Regional Park Foundation — Elected position (2015–current)
Board Member, Martin Luther King Freedom Center — Appointed position (2008–current)
Director of Oakland Parks and Recreation, City of Oakland (2004–2015)
Member, National Recreation and Parks Association Ethnic Minority Society NRPEMS) — Elected position (2009–2010)
Consultant in Recreation Affairs, East Palo Alto (2001–2004)
Superintendent Recreation and Parks, City and County of San Francisco (1997–2001)
Chair, California Minority Association — Elected position (1992–1994)
St Mary's College of California Masters Degree (M.A.) , Leadership in the Arts (2014)
University of Redlands Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (1997)
Past President, Board Member and Member , National Parks and Recreation Ethnic Minority Society (1978–current)
Board Member, Martin Luther King Freedom Center (2008–current)
Co-Founder of Community Based Organization Oakland Parks Coalition , Oakland Parks Coalition (2001–2004)

I began my 40 years of service in Parks and Recreation in Redlands, California with stops along the way in San Bernardino, Long Beach, City and County of San Francisco, and East Palo Alto before joining the City of Oakland as the Director of Parks and Recreation in 2004

I began my position as the Director of Oakland Parks & Recreation eleven years ago. As the first female Director in the more than 100-year history, I believed my purpose was to expose, empower, engage and excite others about our natural spaces. During my tenure, I managed:


  •  Staff of nearly 1400 full and part-time employees
  • Park assets including 2,500 acres of open space (140 parks)
  • 28 recreation, community and interpretive centers
  • 14 community gardens
  • 44 outdoor tennis courts
  • Three golf courses
  • 53 athletic fields
  • Five swimming pools.

I also oversaw the development of the East Oakland Sports Complex, the management of the Dunsmuir-Hellman Historic Estate, Joaquin Miller Park and Lake Merritt, and supported several conservation efforts on park land managed by Oakland Parks and Recreation.

As Superintendent of the Southern Division of the City and County of San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, I managed Golden Gate Park, McLaren Park and the Conservatory of Flowers where I was instrumental in the Save the America’s Treasures Initiative.  My forty years of experience in parks and recreations have given me a strong background in recreation/park development with particular emphasis on connecting with diverse and underserved communities.  Although retired, I remain a strong voice of commitment and dedication to work, constantly advocating and conveying the message of the value of parks, recreation, conservation, preservation, open space and play.

I hold a Master’s degree in Leadership from St. Mary’s College of California, Moraga, California and a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Redlands, Redlands, California.  

I serve on the Alameda County Parks, Recreation and Historical Commission, Board member of the Regional Parks Foundation, the Martin Luther King Freedom Center Board of Directors, past President of the National Recreation and Park Ethnic Minority Society, past Chair of the California Minority Association, member of the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA). I also appeared on the cover of NRPA Magazine and have been featured in the magazine for changing demographics.


I am married with two adult children.

  • Gavin Newsom Lieutenant Governor
  • John Sutter, Incumbent Director, East Bay Regional Park District
  • Bill Riley, Linda Handy Peralta Trustee's
  • William "Bill"Patterson EBMUD Board of Directors
  • Ron Dellums Former Congressmember/Mayor City of Oakland
  • Lynette McElhaney President of Oakland City Council
  • Barbara Parker Oakland City Attorney
  • Don Tatkzin Lafayette City Council Member
  • Robert Rayburn Bart Director
  • Larry Reid Oakland President Pro Tem
  • Elihue Harris Former Mayor and Assembly-member
  • East Bay Regional Park District's Whitney Dotson, Beverly Lane, Doug Siden, Ayn Wieskamp,
  • Libby Schaaf, Oakland Mayor, Mike Anderson, Lafayette Vice Mayor, Annie Campbell-Washington, Oakland Vice Mayor
  • Nate Miley Alameda Supervisor
  • Sandre Swanson Former Assembly-member/Oakland Deputy Mayor
  • East Bay Women's Political Caucus
  • East Bay Regional Parks Police Association
  • Cynthia Adams Educator
  • Henry Gardener Oakland City Manager Retired
  • William 'Bill" Carman Moraga Park and Recreation Commissioner, LaMorinda Dogs
  • Debbie Barnes, Deborah Cooper and Michael Hammock Community leaders
  • Pat Obrien Former General Manager, CA Recreation and Park Society Member
  • Miye Takagi Community Leader
  • Marsha Peterson, Barry Miller, Toshia Marshall OPR Commissioners
  • Harriet Schwartz, Julie Stillman Rossmoor Community
  • Ellen Bean, Andrew Johnson, Ken Lupoff
  • Linda Richardson, Toye Moses Community Advocates
  • Gerry Garzon Director
  • Richard Cowan Community Activist
  • Otis Lee Jones-Attorney at Law
  • Carol Woods, Kimberly Arnold
  • Dr Doris Limbrick ACTS
  • Valarie Lewis Attorney
  • James Williams Deputy Fire Chief Petaluma
  • Maurice Stevenson Community Leader
  • Attorneys, Valarie Lewis and Barbara Parker
  • Sandy Robinson
  • Kevin, Jacqueline, Akiba and Tashia McKinney
  • Dr. Karen Hill
  • John and Del Handy -Musician and Community Activist
  • Dr Greg and Janice Grant
  • Emily Rosenburg, Kip Walsh, Ellen Parkinson
  • Angela Pinon, Ellen Wu, Cat Cornelius, Cheryilynn Abaye
  • Darrell N. Taylor, DeOnte N. Taylor and Donneshia N. Taylor
  • Pastor Lawerence Vanhook (Community Church)
  • Pastor Raymond Lankford (Healthy Communities)
  • Bishop Bob Jackson ACTS Full Gospel
  • John Bliss and Kim Thompson
  • Rick Ricards
  • Dr Karen Bohlke Martin Luther King Freedom Center
  • Dr Roy Wilson Martin Luther King Freedom Center
  • Dave Collins, Assistant General Manager, retired Pat O'Brien, General Manager, retired and California Recreation & Park
  • Ethel Howze, Teresa DeLoach Reed and Tom Guarino, Victoria Salinas
  • Rue Mapp Outdoor Enthusiast
  • Ed Fitzpatrick Lexus Coliseum
  • Ann Woodell Founder of Oakland Friends of Parks and Recreation/Former Park Commissioner
  • George Holland President of NAACP
  • Julie Hadnot, Carl Hackney, Mark Alexander,
  • Camile Cyrus, JaEvon Marshall,
  • Dwayne and Veronica Jones Bay Area Activist
  • Lynn Hiden Circulation Commissioner
  • Diego Gonzalez Vice-Chair CA Democratic Club Chicano-Latino Caucus
  • Twinkie, Mio, Mia and Sophia Flores Community Activist
  • Sheila Wells Community Advocate
  • Benny, Nell, Hector and Pamela Cooley
  • Dr Joel Parrot Oakland Zoo
  • Jesse Woods, Joe Moore, Jason Mitchell
  • Maira Perez Delasquez Martin Luther King Freedom Center
  • Saundra Andrews, Martin Luther King, Jr. Board Member Kiran Bawa, Budget Director, City of Oakland Sarah Bedford, Oaklan

My priorities


My entire professional life has been dedicated to the management of community parks and recreation programs.  I believe we must value our parks and conserve our natural resources.

Preserve open space

Grow and enhance youth
educational programs

Expand access to diverse and underserved
communities in urban areas

Ensure the Park District has the
resources to maintain and protect
our park assets

24,170 votes (15.7%)
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  • A BART to Parks Plan funded by California Cap and Trade funds through Cal Trans that provides free weekend low carbon rides for Oakland Area Park Users to new a soon to be opened Regional Park in Concord
  • Complete key missing trails section in Oakland (Port of Oakland leg) and Moraga - continue to grow and develope new parks like the Concord HIlls Park
  • Work to get electric car chargin stations installed by third parties in Regional Parks parking lots and spaces
Profession:Public/Private Board Memeber, Environmentalist, Entrepenuer
UC Berkeley. USF Conservation Natural Resources - UC Berkeley. Master Environmental Management USF (1983)


Education: BS – UC Berkeley and MS- University of San Francisco Conservation of Natural Resources and Environmental Management 


Endorsed By: Michele Perrault, past National President for the Sierra Club, Jimm Edgar, President of Mt. Diablo Audubon, and John Moilan, Retired Chief of Police, Piedmont.


Board Member; Concord Naval Weapons Station Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) and Mount Diablo Audubon. Formerly, East Bay League of Conservation Voters. 


Former member: EBRPD Park Advisory Committee, Contra Costa County Fish & Wildlife and Water Committees, Sierra Club Energy Committee. 


While working for Governor Jerry Brown in the Governor’s Office, worked closely with Senator John Nejedly on 1980 Parks Bill and on the 1988 campaign for Measure AA - the East Bay Regional Parks Bond Measure.


Federal Bank Regulator
9,680 votes (6.3%)
Use tab to activate the candidate button. Use "return" to select this candidate. You can access your list by navigating to 'My List'.
For more in-depth information on this candidate, follow the links for each tab in this section. For most screenreaders, you can hit Return or Enter to enter a tab and read the content within.
Candidate has provided information.
Thank candidate for sharing their information on Voter’s Edge.
  • Empower the community's involvement at the EBRPD: Sanction balanced community groups at each major EBRPD park to provide input to the Board while working with Park Supervisors whose performance evaluations should consider their outreach efforts.
  • Increase accessibility to parks: Eliminate parking fees, diversify recreational opportunities by opening up sustainable muti-use trails for all, simplify the rules, improve trailhead education, and further focus programs to bring our youth to parks.
  • Improve transparency of EBPRD: Suggestion boxes at parks; Board meetings on Youtube; Park Supervisors listed on their Website; and hosting of public online discussion for review of any hazardous chemical use, development, or deforestation efforts.
Profession:Regulator - Provide direct operational oversight of financial institutions with $trillions in assets under management.
Senior Complex Financial Institution Specialist, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (2011–current)
Manager, Risk Sharing Asset Management, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (2009–2011)
Regional Economist, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (2001–2005)
Senior Associate - Banking Group, Moody's Investors Service (1997–1999)
Global Association of Risk Managers Financial Risk Manager, Financial and operational risk (2007)
CFA Institute Chartered Financial Analyst, Financial Analysis, Securities Valuation, and Portfolio Management (2000)
Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico Masters, Finance (1996)
University of California at San Diego B.A. , Economics (1993)
Underpriviledged Youth Mountain Bike Riding Coach, Youth Mountain Bike Adventures (YMBA) program through Bicycle Trail Council of the East Bay (BTCEB) (2013–current)
Trail work volunteer, Bicycle Trail Council of the East Bay (BTCEB) (2014–current)
Head coach of U6 Soccer - Team England, Piedmont Soccer Club (2016–current)
Coaching Support, El Cerrito Middle School Mountain Bike Team (2015–current)

I have worked for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for 12 years.  I hold a Master of Finance degree, an Economics B.A., as well as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Financial Risk Manager (FRM) designations.  My current job responsibilities include monitoring the management of a large and complex bank to ensure no undue risks are taken that would threaten our deposits. 

I believe the EBRPD structure and culture has not changed much since its inception almost a century ago.  As the number of parks have increased, so should the effectiveness of its Board.

When cities such as Vallejo go bankrupt, and pension funds are constantly underfunded, something is amiss in the democratic process.  No one would vote for a candidate who states "I will spend the city into bankruptcy", yet it happens to turn out that way.  What is missing in many cases is for voters to keep elected officials on the right path by providing oversight, checks and balances, and a sense of community involvement.  It is not enough to vote and turn away until the next election cycle.  The structure at EBRPD should be opened up to allow for users to easily make suggestions. 



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